Council Officers

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Service Program Directors/Chairman

Program Director: Joe Keaney 298-8088
Church Director: Dick Goddard 298-8267
Donut Chairman: Brian Landry 733-1101
Keep Christ In Christmas: Unassigned
Religious Appreciation Dinner: Unassigned
Vocations: Dennis Ranke 885-8145
Fr McGivney Guild Chairman: Pete Karculias 261-0762
Retreats: Dennis Ranke 885-8145
Arizona Rosary Celebration: Dick Goddard 298-8088
Commemoration Celebration Mass: Unassigned
Community Director: Unassigned
Can Recycling: Ron Blanchard 495-5879
Blood Drives: Tony Pennisi 360-9062
Flea Market: Joe Keaney/Grant Pieper 298-8088
2016 PWID Drive: Fred Falgiano 885-9590
Community Breakfast Chairman: Emil Estopare/Joe Keaney 733-3400 / 298-8088
Fish Frys: Grant Pieper
Benedictine Monastery Round Table: Pete Karculias 261-0762
IHM Novitiate Round Table: Will Everett 886-0680
International Dinners - Emmanuel (Dutch) Steenbakker/Joe Gulotta 760-0786 / 396-3070
Council Director: Pete Karculias 261-0762
Council Newsletter: Bob Messenger 290-8671
Council Website: Pete Karculias 261-0762
Council Photographer:  Dan Pinda
Ceremonials/Host 2d & 3rd Degree: Pete Karculias 261-0762
St Patrick Dinner: Emil Estopare/Joe Keaney 733-3400 / 298-8088
Public Relations: Bob Messenger 290-8671
Christmas Social: Unassigned
Officer Installation: Dutch Steenbakker 760-0786
PGK Appreciation Dinner: Dutch Steenbakker 760-0786
Family Director: Tony Pennisi 861-0741
Family of the Month:
2017 Ladies Appreciation Dinner: Dan Pinda 298-6706
Night at the Ball Park: Ron Blanchard 296-4331
Coats for Kids: Pete Karculias 261-0762
Picnic: Unassigned
Concert Under the Stars: Ron Blanchard 495-5879
Youth Director: Unassigned
Free Throw: Pete Karculias 261-0762
Youth Ministry Appreciation: Unassigned 733-3400
Breakfast with Santa: Tom Eagan/Emil Estopare 449-0949 / 733-3400
Culture of Life Director: Brian Landry 733-1101
Tucson March for Life: Joe Keaney 298-8088
Organ Donor Promotion: Fred Falgiano 885-9590
Formula/Diaper Drives: Brian Landry 396-3070

Standing Committees

Admission Committee Chairman: Dutch Steenbakker
Grant Pieper 298-8267
Pete Karculias 261-0762
Tony Pennisi 733-1101
Joe Keaney 298-8088
Membership Director: Unassigned
Retention Committee Chairman: Grant Pieper 867-6197
Dick Goddard 298-8267
Pete Karculias 261-0762
Will Everett
Joe Keaney 298-8088
Relief Committee Chairman: Dutch Steenbakker
Pete Karculias/Phil McElfresh 261-0762/
Insurance Promotion: Pete Karculias 261-0762
Historian: Pete Karculias 261-0762
Spiritual Advisor: Dennis Ranke 885-8145
Chapter Delegates  
Dutch Steenbakker 749-9474
Grant Pieper 449-0949
Pete Karculias 261-0762

Fraternal Benefits Representative
Tony LoMonaco 275-8836